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What is MusicTrain?

Musical Instruction - MusicTrain Performance Opportunities

As aspiring musicians we develop in the most effective and satisfying way by working with others. MusicTrain goes beyond the usual student/teacher relationship by offering a structured relationship with other like-minded musicians as they work together on a common goal - making music as a group - instrumental, vocal, or a combination of the two.


We all know the vital importance of learning new things about our instrument and practicing. But well-intentioned musicians often lose interest if there is no clearly defined objective.

This is what MusicTrain provides: motivation created by scheduling regular performance opportunities.

Performance Opportunies

Regular performance opportunities are what MusicTrain is all about.

Not just a recital at the end of a course of instruction, but regular, structured performance events that are scheduled on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. MusicTrain performance events give each aspiring musician a clearly defined goal - a clear reason to practice, learn new songs, and get better as a performer!

What do we mean by MusicTrain "performance events"?

MusicTrain makes a special point of arranging performances in a variety of settings. These performances are held at schools, community groups, hospitals, senior centres, malls, cafes and in private homes. Wherever practical we schedule events to include more than one band, singing group, or solo performer.

Each performance has a leader (or "event leader", who may also be a member of one of the performing groups.) It is the event leader's job it is to help organize the event: develop the event program, help the musicians select and practice repertoire, and liaise with the musicians and venue personnel.

MusicTrain Activities/Programs

Group Training Courses

- Usually 8 weeks/2 months
- weekly sessions of roughly one hour
- projected cost - $80

Individual Tutoring

"Giving Back" Performances

Other Ideas:

Band Names...

Young Future: Reaching Happy Optimistic Giving Back: Return the Favour, State of Mind, Young Kittens, Pretty Young Puppies, Happy April, Too Many Hands, Laurelwood Revival, Laurelwood Youth Revival, Saving Jack, Chime Spiders, Pure Silver, Pure Gold, Just Ahead, Young Troubadours, Young Minstrels, Shining Stars, Band of Siblings,