Play Along Program Now Online

The Guitar Play Along Program is for Waterloo Region kids 10-14, but the lockdowns this spring have made it necessary to take it online. So the Play Guitar Play Along Program for brand new guitar players is now available online. And it’s available FREE to new guitar players of all ages. The focus is on

Folk Music thru the years

The term “folk music” refers to music “of the people” that is created and played or sung by common folk of various countries around the world. Traditional folk music is usually differentiated from modern or contemporary folk music. Traditional folk songs are usually of unknown origin, usually have evolved over time, and are often passed

Getting to the Next Stage with the Guitar

Guitar is an easy instrument to learn. Or maybe not. It depends how far you want to go with it. Lots of new guitar players learn two or three chords along with a basic strum pattern, and are playing along with simple songs after just a week or two of practice. This is what I