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Teach yourself is about self-directed learning. Especially about learning a musical instrument. But not just music: learning in general, but with an emphasis on music. As Plato said thousands of years ago, all learning is just about discovering what is already inside of us.

Of course, that is a metaphorical way of saying that we learn as a result of exposure to new experiences and ideas, and that we “learn” when we engage with these things, and in an important sense, make them our own.

The traditional view of the teacher as a crucial source of knowledge has been made obsolete by modern developments. The fact that many of us have access to almost unlimited resources (books, libraries, films, and especially the internet) has changed the role of the teacher.

The modern teacher in the age of the internet is less a source of knowledge, and more a facilitator of the learning process. His or her job is to make a student aware of resources, and expose them to new experiences.

Taking this a step further, it is not difficult to see how the role of the teacher as an “outside” third party facilitator can be replaced by cleverly designed and carefully targeted resources like online courses, and more general tools like search engines.

In such an environment,”Teaching Yourself”, especially “Teaching Yourself Music” – becoming your own facilitator – makes perfect sense. When we teach ourselves we are facilitating our own engagement. We initiate the exposure and encourage our own engagement with new ideas and experiences.

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