Basic Practice Strategy


What is The Basic Practice Strategy (BPS) – The BPS is a daily routine designed to develop your guitar playing skills quickly and steadily. The daily routine includes:

  • Scales – simple patterns and alternative patterns
  • Chords – basic shapes, alternative shapes, transition exercises
  • Common note sequences – (patterns and riffs)

It is important to work through these exercises every day for at least 10 minutes. Spending more time on them will give you better, faster results. But just 10 minutes of concentrated effort on a regular daily basis will produce significant results.

Here is a sample practice session. This session includes

  • Basic scales at the open position
  • Major scale boxes at 6 locations
  • I, IV, V, vi chords for 5 keys (C, D, E, G, A) – transition exercises
  • Simple riffs

Here is a printable practice record. This will help you keep track of your practice sessions.

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