Become a better musician in just 10 minutes a day


There are lots of things you’d become better at by just spending 10 minutes a day working at them.

Athletic skills are an obvious one. Just spending 10 minutes everyday shooting baskets, throwing a baseball or shooting pucks at a hockey net… You get the idea.

Or learning a language, or how to use new software app.

Music is maybe the best example. Just 10 minutes a day working at the guitar or saxophone or… you name it… Would make you a player in no time.

Of course 10 minutes of “noodling” might not do much for you. You need some sort of direction. You need new insights, new stuff to work on.

That’s what a teacher normally does for you: give you new ideas and insights, and some idea what to work on.

These days, because of resources available on the internet, you can be your own teacher. With resources like you can be your own teacher.

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