Hey Guitar players – there’s more to life than chords


There are at least two distinct paths you can take to learning the guitar.

First, like many new guitar players you can focus exclusively on learning Chords right from day 1. This may get you playing along with basic songs fairly quickly.

But the problem with this approach is that you will probably learn the I-IV-V chords for a few keys, and assume that’s pretty much all there is to playing the guitar.

And chances are you won’t bother learning any music theory either. Why bother when you’ve come to approach the guitar as basically a chording machine?

But it can be so much more.

The other approach is to learn how to play individual notes – melodies of songs, for example. What this does is force you to learn where the notes are located, and how the strings are related to each other.

Gradually you will learn how to integrate melody and bass notes with your chords. You may also begin to appreciate the value of learning how to read traditional music notation.

And when one of your band mates says “Give me a D“, you’ll actually know what she’s talking about.

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