Things for new guitar players to avoid – Expensive Guitars


If you’re just starting out on the guitar you shouldn’t run out and buy an expensive guitar.

Guitars can get very expensive, and that will usually have an impact on both their playability and the quality of the sound they produce.

But as a beginner you won’t be able to take advantage of those expensive benefits. All you really want to do is get to know your way around the instrument, and learn some basic techniques.

An inexpensive “starter” guitar is perfectly adequate.

In fact, you might be better off getting one of those 3/4 size “starter” guitars.

The problem with getting a cheap starter saxophone or trumpet is that they are often harder to play. But that is not the case with guitars.

A starter guitar won’t sound great, but at the beginning of your career that doesn’t much matter. It will usually be easier to play!

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