Bass Guitar work sheets to help learn Bass fretboard

When you’re learning to play the bass guitar – learning arpeggios and bass patterns at different places on the neck is what it’s all about.

Learning to read traditional music can be a tremendous help. This is much more the case than with the 6 string guitar because bass notation is much simpler and easy to follow. One note at a time (95% of the time). But it is bass clef. That can be a problem – even if you can read treble clef music.

Switching gears to the bass clef can take a fair bit of practice before it becomes clear what’s going on. Obviously it can be done. Traditional piano players learn to read both clefs from very early in their formal training. In time it just becomes second nature.

Here is a series of printable worksheets (in .pdf format) to help you learn the relationship between notes on the bass clef and different positions on the bass fretboard.

You can find them here: Level 1 Bass Worksheets and

Here: Level 2 Bass Worksheets.

They can be very helpful when used along with these Practice Tracks for Bass Players.

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