Practice Track for Billie Jean – Cool Song!


Here’s a practice track for you Michael Jackson fans. Play along with different versions in different keys and you’ll get a good workout for different minor barre chords. The bass part will keep you moving too!

Billie Jean was released on January 2, 1983 as the second single from Jackson’s sixth studio album, Thriller (1982). The song was written and composed by Jackson, and produced by the great Quincy Jones and Jackson.

This song was the biggest-selling single for Jackson as a solo artist and helped make Thriller the best-selling album of all time. The song won two Grammy Awards, an American Music Award, and in 2004 Rolling Stone magazine placed it at number 58 on its list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

The song is about a woman, Billie Jean, who had spent a night of passion with the narrator and now claims that the narrator is the father of her newborn son; he insists that “the kid is not my son”, although the song leaves open the possibility that he is indeed the father. Jackson stated that the song was based on this claim made about his older brothers, when he toured with them as part of The Jackson 5. However, some have suggested it is based on Jackson’s own experience with a crazed fan.

You can find some interesting facts about this song at

For instance, it was the video that drew attention to MTV and kickstarted its significance in popular culture. It was also the video that finally broke the grip of music industry executives who until that time refused to play videos featuring black performers. Hard to believe, isn’t it!

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