The Early Beatles – a Quiz


Here’s a quiz to test you on how much you know about the early Beatles.This quiz is all about the Beatles before their first tour of North America.

In its earliest incarnation, in 1957, the band that would become known as The Beatles was called The Quarrymen, led by John Lennon with his faithful sidekick Paul McCartney. George Harrison tried to get into the band when he was only 15, and finally made it by 1958 at the age of 16. Lennon and McCartney were only 17.

Ringo Starr wouldn’t join the group until 1962. In its early days the drummer was Pete Best. For their first German gig Stu Suttcliffe was added to play bass. At that time they were a 5 piece band.

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1. What was the name of the club in Liverpool where they played in the early days (1961) ?
2. The Beatles’ first manager was...
3. Where was The Beatles’ first foreign gig?
4. Who did Bert Kaempfert sell the Beatles’ contract to in 1962?
5. What did Brian Epstein tell them they had to do to make it bigger?
1 out of 2
6. When did Ringo Starr become the drummer for the Beatles? 
7. The first bass player for the group was...
8. Who was the first drummer for the group?
9. The Beatles’ new manager negotiated a recording contract in June 1962 with what record producer and company? 
10. What was The Beatles’ first record release with their new company?
11. George Martin correctly said of what song “You’ve just recorded your first #1 hit”?
2 out of 2


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