Guest Posting Terms and Requirements

Bloggers and authors are welcome to submit guest posts which deal with topics within the general area of “Music Education”. That includes the following sub-areas:

  • Teaching of Music
  • Tips and Techniques for Musicians
  • History of Music
  • History of Musical Instrument(s)
  • Musical Trends, Styles, Fads
  • Biographies of Music-related People (Composers, Song Writers, Instrumentalists, Singers, Bands, Band Leaders, Band Members, etc.
  • Economic Areas of Interest to Musicians (Musical Opportunities, Successful Band Strategies, Teaching Opportunities, etc.

Types of posts:

  • Text-based posts
  • Video-based posts

General Requirements – Author Bio
All posts should include a short bio stating the author’s name, affiliation or qualification, a maximum of two links to a website, or social media resource of the author’s choice. For example,

Rick Hendershot is the originator of MuzicTrain, which creates and sponsors classroom and online training courses and clinics for aspiring musicians. He is the publisher of The MuzicTrain Blog.

No spammy links will be allowed.

General Requirements – Text-Based Posts

  • Topic – Posts must be on one of the relevant topic areas as outlined above.
  • Length – Posts must contain at least 500 words (Here is a word counter.) Details and facts are good. Empty fluff is not good. Fluff articles will be rejected.
  • Images – Image files must be included with your submission. Images must be non-copyrighted or copyrighted by the author.
  • Links – Posts should be linked to relevant support resources. Relevant links are good. Spammy links (designed only for SEO purposes, or to spammy sites) are not. Articles with spammy links will be rejected.
  • Grammar and Spelling – It goes without saying that proper grammar and spelling are required. We reserve the right to correct obvious spelling mistakes, but will do only a minimal amount of correcting.

General Requirements – Video-Based Posts
Video-based posts must include the following:

  • A short video (between 2 and 10 minutes) produced by the author, that has not been published elsewhere.
  • An explanatory or introductory paragraph of text with appropriate link(s).
  • Author bio.

Content Ownership
Content (articles and videos) published in this blog become and remain the property of, and must not be published elsewhere without permission from