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Reading Music for Guitar Beginners – Step 1: Understanding the Staff

Learning to read traditional music notation is fairly simple. Once you understand a few basic concepts it is quite intuitive. The two dimensions of the Staff The basic framework for traditional music notation is the staff. The staff consists of a series of five parallel lines. The sequence of musical notes that make up a

Learning to Read Music is actually pretty easy

Learning to read traditional music notation is scoffed at by many amateur guitar players. But it is just one more step to becoming a skilled musician. It’s similar in important ways to learning how to read English (or French, or Spanish, or any other language). Except learning to read the language of traditional music notation

Things for new guitar players to avoid – Unrealistic Goals

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Yes, every new guitar player wants to get right into Stairway to Heaven or Hotel California. But once you realize that it actually takes skill to play these songs, you should lower your expectations. Trying hard to learn difficult techniques can lead to significant improvement. But it