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Band League Organizational Ideas

Name Suggestions

  1. thebandleague.com

Organization Structure

  1. Organization
    - in charge of provinding program outlines and materials, and setting guidelines
  2. Local Association
    - in charge of promoting and organizating at the local regional level
    - setting up and overseeing local Chapters
  3. Chapters
    - in charge of promoting, fundraising, and scheduling for local bands within the chapter - Bands are in chapters
    - Scheduling is primarily done within chapters
    - Chapters organize, equip and maintain venues
  4. Member Bands
    - Each band has a band leader who directs the activities of the band and liaises with the Chapter
  5. Band Members
    - Association fee paid by each member, which is used for maintaining the organization, supporting the venue(s)
    - Band Fee (if required) for band equipment and to support band activities.
    - for example: fee per member might be: $50 assoc. fee + $100 band fee


Local Organization

Band Organization