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The Band League Philosophy

Community - Motivation - Performance Opportunity


As aspiring musicians we develop in the most effective and sastisfying way by working with others. The Band League goes beyond the usual student/teacher relationship by offering a structured relationship with other like-minded musicians as they work together on a common goal - making music as a band.


We all know the vital importance of learning new things about our instrument and practicing. But well-intentioned musicians often lose interest if there is no clearly defined objective.

This is what The Band League provides: motivation created by scheduling regular performance opportunities.

Performance Opportunies

Regular performance opportunities are what The Band League is all about.

Not just a recital at the end of a course of instruction, but regular, structured performance events that are scheduled on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. These performance events give the band a clearly defined goal - a clear reason to practice, learn new songs, and get better as a performing band!

What do we mean by "performance events"?

We use the "league" model. A number of bands within a local area form a league, or what we call a "Chapter". Each Chapter has a "venue" where the bands within that chapter practice and perform. The Chapter organizers create a schedule where every two weeks or so each band stages a performance along with another band within the same Chapter.

Each band has a leader (or "coach", who may also be a member of the band) whose job it is to organize the band: develop the band's repertoire, and liaise with the other bands in the chapter.